Foods To Avoid While Having High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common health issue that many Americans develop at one time or another. I, having been guilty of this in the not too distant past, put together a list of certain foods that should be avoided even when on medication to control this health condition.
When you have high blood pressure, alcohol should be avoided. Alcohol raises the blood pressure. Damage to the blood vessel walls can also occur. If possible, it should be avoided at all costs but an occasional drink here and there, on special occasions will be okay. Of course, checking with the doctor first is the best way to go.
In many people, salt can raise the blood pressure even higher. In some people, salt doesn’t impact their blood pressure. This can be a problem because scientists and doctors can’t tell when people which have this problem with salt. There are many alternatives to low sodium foods.
Saturated fats are extremely bad for the blood vessels and the heart. The circulatory system is currently under a great amount of stress due to the high blood pressure so any extra strain such as fats can be stressful to your body.
It’s best to cook with low fat and low sodium foods. Doing this will keep your blood pressure under control. If you currently are dealing with this health condition and you are on medication to maintain your blood pressure, it defeats the purpose to go against not consuming these foods. If you can’t cut these foods out completely, it’s highly advisable to significantly cut down your consumption of them.

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